Damien Kingston is an Australian born jazz guitarist currently based in Hobart, Tasmania. Upon completing a Bachelor of music in Australia, Damien relocated to Europe to further his study. After an initial period spent in Berlin performing, Damien relocated to Amsterdam where he completed his Masters of Music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, studying under renowned Dutch guitarists Jesse van Ruller and Maarten van der Grinten. During this period, he toured extensively both as a sideman and as a leader of his own ensemble, the Damien Kingston Trio, throughout countries including The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France. Damien was also a prize winner at the Jazz & Blues Awards 2006 in Berlin, awarded first place a a member of the Abdourahmane Diop Group and a finalist in many European jazz competitions including the Keep an Eye Jazz International Jazz Award 2012, European Jazz Awards 2012 and the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2012. Damien continues to lead his own trio, with their recent release Yellow Lights to be supported by an Australian/European tour late 2014. He is also currently teaching at the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music.

Damien Kingston Trio – Yellow Lights

The debut release Yellow Lights from the Damien Kingston Trio exemplifies a personal and detailed music born of a sympathetic collaboration between its members, Australian Damien Kingston on guitar/composition and two Germans; Richard Struck on drums and Dominik Luderschmid on bass. The trio began their musical association in 2008 as classmates at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and quickly developed a distinct group sound, producing music primarily concerned with melodic lyricism and empathic ensemble playing all at the service of a unique compositional voice.

Recorded in Amsterdam mid 2013, Yellow Lights features a set of original compositions from Kingston, assimilating the language of the wider jazz tradition together with intense lyricism of the pop world and knotty melodic aspects of 20th Century classical composition. The compositions of Kingston paired with the trio’s ensemble playing, alert to the potentials of melody and texture supported by strong rhythmic architecture, combine to produce a music always personal and expressive.


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